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The Explore School House believes in an integrated curriculum which organizes learning in a way that links together the humanities, natural sciences, mathematics, social studies, music and art. Our curriculum creates opportunities for exploration, active learning, and meaningful connections across subject areas. Through this curriculum, students come to see the interrelatedness of disciplines, which in turn brings meaning and relevance to their education.

Differentiating and individualizing the curriculum ensures that children are appropriately and supportively challenged at their individual capacities: student needs are established and documented, goals are then developed, and appropriate pre-assessments are administered. The curriculum is then carefully organized and differentiated for the specific cognitive and affective needs of the gifted learner. The teachers consistently assess to ensure the student is not missing foundational elements of the skill, while allowing the student to progress through the curriculum at their own pace without being held back by the curriculum.

In addition to a strong skills-based curriculum, the concept-based and inquiry-based programs afford the students the opportunity to investigate topics at a level that challenges them and taps their interests, learning styles, and natural intelligences. Teachers strive to stimulate the development of curiosity and imagination, and offer extensive opportunity for creative expression of knowledge. The environment is one of rich self-discovery, and the curriculum is delivered through approaches that are best practices in gifted education, allowing children opportunities to extend and enrich their own learning on their individual journeys to becoming educated, thinking, and moral adults.

The future will need learners who are able to demonstrate out-of-the-box and non-linear thinking to solve increasingly complex challenges. The tools of a single discipline will be insufficient for solving real world problems and priority will be placed on interdisciplinary expertise and collaborative learning within teams. Education must shift, therefore, from a focus on dissemination and memorization of information to thinking with and applying knowledge at both the factual and conceptual levels. Students need to learn to plan, engage in risk assessment, think critically, reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses, and moderate their emotions. Students must develop the skills with which to effectively question and construct insightful understandings in all disciplines, and know how to learn about their world.

The Explore School House’s curriculum is a rigorous intellectual model which values student inquiry and constructionist learning. It is a pedagogy that engages the learner as an active seeker and constructor rather than a passive receiver of knowledge.

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