The Explore School House’s school year is from mid-August to mid-June the following year. Our curriculum is specially designed for the gifted and highly talented by top notch Universities over decades of research and is at least 2-3 grades more advanced than the US standards. We currently offer classes for Grade 1-6 in English Language Art, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Mandarin, Art & Craft, Music and Sports.

Students will be assessed continuously to make sure they are placed at the appropriate level. Ongoing assessment occurs daily in a variety of ways to enable all students to show their growing knowledge, understanding and skills in ways most suited to them. Some of the common assessment methods include observation, performance assessment, project-based assessment, process assessment, selected response, open-ended tasks and, of course portfolios.

The Explore School House harnesses the mastery-based learning – also known as competency-based learning – to ensure students do not advance to the next concept before they understand the last. It also means that students progress when they are ready and do not have to repeat work they already understand. At The Explore School House, mastery is set at 90%.

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The Explore School House, 41 Sunset Way, #02-06 Clementi Arcade, Singapore 597071

Phone: +65.8826.6071

Web: The Explore School House

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