1. Eligibility

The Explore School House caters for students who have the following attributes:

1. An eagerness to learn

2. Aptitude in at least one of the following areas: Intellectual, Creative, Artistic, Leadership, Academic

3. Individual learning needs which can be largely met within a small classroom setting and without significant additional adult support

4. An age appropriate fluency in English language (speaking, reading, writing and comprehension)

5. Students are in the top 3% on the full scale score of the WIPPSI-IV or WISC-V or Stanford-Binet ​

Students are required to reside with at least one parent. The school will only consider students living with a legal guardian under exceptional circumstances, e.g. both parents are deceased.

For Singaporeans: The Singaporean student has to secure a place with The Explore School House. The school will then apply for an exemption on behalf of the student to Ministry of Education (MOE). MOE will decide on a case by case basis.

For younger kids, they are expected to be toilet trained, and ready for the rigour of a full-time elementary school.


2. Application

Please download an Application Package.

Submit the application and supporting documents along with the requested materials and fees.

Review Process

3. Review Process

Our review process has put us in the 100 most innovative schools worldwide.

Once the school receives the completed application, we will contact you to schedule separate student and parent interviews. We individually assess every child applying for admission to The Explore School House.


4. Success

You will be welcomed into a thriving student-led learning environment.

Decisions regarding acceptance are at the sole discretion of the Admissions Committee of The Explore School. Upon acceptance, a letter of acceptance and an enrollment contract or wait list information will be mailed to you.

We shall process your admission and update you with our final decision within 30 days of receiving payment and all documentation.

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Contact Info

The Explore School House, 41 Sunset Way, #02-06 Clementi Arcade, Singapore 597071

Phone: +65.8826.6071

Web: The Explore School House

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