Success Isn’t A Straight Line


Success Isn’t A Straight Line I love this graphic from Dmitri Martin’s This Is A Book. It holds such an important lesson for our students. I’ve noticed that students I speak to have a powerful fear of ruining their lives if they don’t get the right grades in the right classes while keeping up with the right extracurriculars. Life, as they see it, looks like this: Get good grades Go to a good college Get a good job These students think they’re not allowed to make mistakes or change their plans. The Reality As adults, how many of [...]

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Is Your Child Gifted? What to Look for, Why You Should Know


David Palmer Ph.D. Source: Psychology Today Is Your Child Gifted? What to Look for, Why You Should Know How do you tell if your child is gifted? Schools that have programs for gifted students are often able to identify them by using traditional screening methods, like group IQ tests, review of achievement test scores and past grades, observation, and getting input from teachers and parents. So, when it comes to discovering if your own kid is gifted, one option is to wait and see whether teachers or others at your child's school recommend testing for a gifted [...]

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Calvin: The Unexpected Gifted Kid


Calvin: The Unexpected Gifted Kid All comics by Bill Watterson, © Universal uClick One of my favorite guides to understanding our students is Bertie Kingore’s breakdown of the traits of “gifted” and “high achieving” students. The traits in the “gifted” category always make me think of Calvin from Bill Watterson’s wonderful Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin and Gifted Characteristics As a kid, I read Calvin and Hobbes religiously. Now, I read these same comics and see Calvin as the perfect introduction to the unexpected characteristics of many gifted students. The tragedy of these traits is that, despite being [...]

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