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Proud to be one of Cambridge University 100 most Innovative School
Shortlisted as The 10 Best International Schools in Singapore 2018 by The Knowledge Review


Through exploring real life scenarios and hands-on interdisciplinary projects, The Explore School House (grade 1-6) prepares your gifted child (who is gifted in at least one of the domains: Intellectual, Creative, Artistic, Leadership, Academic) for life by instilling the right values and developing their critical thinking, creativity and communications skill sets.

We tailored well researched gifted programs from USA to your child’s aptitudes and abilities (each child has a Personal Development Plan) in an intimate classroom setting of only 8 students per class. By utilizing the pull learning method which is centered on the learners’ decisions and preferences about learning, we made learning for your child more engaging and authentic.

We will expand to higher grades when we find a bigger facility. Our students will enter universities after The Explore School House.


“Evan really enjoyed it and he is also learning things thru site visits and hands-on experience”

Esther Yeo

“Kayla is engaged in learning and having fun at the same time”

Grace Chan


Contact Info

The Explore School House, 41 Sunset Way, #02-06 Clementi Arcade, Singapore 597071

Phone: +65.8826.6071

Web: The Explore School House

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